Hall of Fame

Magic Number is 2 For Former Partiers

Perennial powerhouse Former Partiers scored 2 goals in each of their three Ad Rec THU tournament games – enough to get past each opponent – then celebrated their 2 titles as tourney champs and first-time winners of the Champions League.


Pierrevert SP Enjoys Season Championship

Though just 3 points out of contention for the Champions League title, Pierrevert SP put the hammer down on opponents throughout the regular season, finishing 6-1 and atop the table in the Ad Rec THU League.

Broke Bois Finish-Off 3 With 5 For Title

On a night when players arrived late and teams played shorthanded, Broke Bois used the five players they had to win the U19 Tournament title, by eventually shutting-out season champs, Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc – a team that had 9 straight wins headed to the final.


Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc Ends Hot Streak

The only perfect team in the U19 League rode a 9-game win streak into the tournament final, only to be derailed and shutout by Broke Bois.  Doofenshmirtz averaged 9+ goals per game in the regular season but counldn’t find net in the finale, losing 1-0.

Ivy Tech Makes Good On Tournament Night

After dropping their season finale and missing out on first place in the B League’s DII table, Ivy Tech avenged the setback with two strong performances on tournament night to take home the top spot, 2-1 over season champ TLRC Junkies.


TLRC Junkies Rally Falls Short

A late-season winning performance for the B League DII title carried over on to tournament night for TLRC Junkies with a strong semi-final win vs Jerryatrics.  But the Junkies couldn’t overcome a 2-goal deficit in the tournament final, losing 2-1 to Ivy Tech.

Deportivo Mexicanse Celebrates League Championship

Deportivo Mexicanse captured the Season Championship in the Ad Rec Tue League, finishing at 6-1 with 52 points, and winning the “Head-to-Head” tiebreaker with Bloomington Internationals.   


Bloomington Internationals Shut Out Challengers On Tournament Night

Despite missing captain and equipment manager Bill Butske, one of the longest-running franchises in the history of Bloomington Soccer scored 8 goals and allowed zero, enroute to the Ad Rec League Tournament Title on Tuesday night.  Internationals defeated league champ Dep Mexicanse in the final…what some are calling “redemption” after losing to the same team on Match Day 1. 

B’town S’premes Finish 2nd In Premier League

Utilizing incredible transition speed and quick play throughout the season, the S’premes earned themselves a spot in the Premier League Final, only to give-up a 2-goal lead and the game-winner, in the championship with unCOACHables.